We are the world’s first training program for gluten free pastry chefs. After completing our course, you’ll be equipped with recipes and the ability to create a gluten free menu, whether for your own gluten free business, or for a professional kitchen such as a large hotel or restaurant. You’ll have foundations from which you can make your own flavors and creations.

This is a video training program. We have two modules: One is our recipe and training module. Here you will see and follow your teachers as you learn to prepare more than 50 recipes. Your chef trainers will teach you in visual ways, showing texture and techniques to be successful. The second module is a business module for entrepreneurs. These modules cover ingredient sourcing, staffing, menu, and everything else you need to be successful in the gluten free industry!

The GF Culinary school is located online in video format. This makes it accessible to all, and keeps prices down.

We are formatted for individuals with no experience! We will walk you through all the tips, techniques and preparations you need to be successful! We are a training course, and we are here to take you all the way through your gluten free baking journey.

The only thing you need is a winning attitude and a desire to bake delicious gluten free food.

All skill levels are welcome. If you’ve never baked, we will teach you. If you have a culinary degree from a “gluten” school, you’ll learn the feel, texture and techniques needed to be successful with gluten free dough.

We are the world’s first training center for individuals who wish to either open their own gluten free bakery or who wish to work as a professional gluten free pastry chef in a hotel or restaurant. We give you the recipes you need to be successful, and we provide videos that are visual and concise: they are made to watch, as well as place on your table as you make the recipe alongside us.

You will learn recipes for gluten free desserts. This knowledge can be taken and applied to any professional kitchen setting. We know that clients vary depending on location or restaurant concept, so we will train you to be able to construct menus that are gluten free, nut free, dairy free, or vegan, as is needed and desired. We will help with efficiency in baking and production because time is money in the food industry!

Your instructions are Roanna Canete and Chef Annabel Cohen.

Roanna is a self-taught gluten free pastry chef and creator of gluten free recipes. She started the Gluten Free Baking Company in her home kitchen in 2015, and expanded the business into a large production kitchen which serves wholesale to local San Diego eateries, as well as a retail gluten free bakery with 2 locations.

Chef Annabel Cohen left a successful job in Public Relations to enroll in France’s top pastry school. She was one of 13 chosen from thousands of applicants, and went on to have a career as a pastry chef in some of America’s most exclusive establishments, from the Hamptons to several Hollywood hotels. She’s hosted Oscar parties, opened retail establishments, and found a work life balance in a cutting-edge industry.

Our program will teach you gluten free recipes. Almost all of these can be altered to be dairy free, nut free and vegan options for desserts. It is important for our students to learn to accommodate whatever allergens their future clients will need, and we prepare them to do it with skill and ease….and deliciousness!

We have plans to expand to other languages.

Do you dream of opening your own gluten free eatery, bakery, or restaurant concept? We have business modules that target the unique qualities of the gluten free industry, from supply chain to ingredients sourcing, to packaging. There are so many unique facets of owning a gluten free business, and with our combined years of experience, we teach what you need to know in order to be successful. We learned so many lessons over our years of owning a retail and wholesale operation, and we will teach you everything you need to know. Our goal is to make gluten free food options more accessible, and with these modules, you can take our knowledge and put it to work in your eatery. Instant success!

You do not need a business background to understand the business content! We break down concepts into easily achievable modules. We also give advice on where to find information that pertains to your local city as well as how to find mentors.

The business modules are specifically formatted for entrepreneurs who would like to open their own gluten free eatery. Included in these modules are important facts and considerations about the gluten free supply chain, how to source ingredients, how to organize a production schedule and efficiency of a gluten free business that will translate into profit! Our first few years were incredibly bumpy as we learned how to navigate an industry that is difficult. Through out videos, we teach you the things you need to pay attention to in order to succeed and make your concept run smoothly, which directly translates to more time spent making money!

If you are working inside another business, our pastry school modules will be just perfect for you! In those modules you’ll learn everything you need to know about being a gluten free pastry chef. If your dreams take you further and you’re ready to open your own business, our business school is your next step!

Upon finishing the program, you’ll be a certified gluten free pastry chef.

The certification opens doors for individuals looking to secure a job as a gluten free pastry chef in a professional kitchen. It will also prepare you to open your own gluten free eatery if that is your chosen path.

We deliver a "Certificate of completion” at the end of your course.

pastry chef training on more than 50 gluten free recipes. You’ll learn to prepare items that are gluten free, dairy free, nut free and vegan. If you are purchasing the business package, you’ll also receive modules to prepare you to open your own gluten free restaurant or bakery concept.

Absolutely. We can discuss payment options!

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