The Gluten Free Culinary School

GF Pastry School


(Payment plan available)

Includes bonus internship (valued at $2,000) and personalized coaching sessions (valued at $500)!

GF Business School


(Payment plan available)

Includes coaching sessions
(valued at $500)!
GF Culinary Pricing

What You Get:

  1. Personalized coaching: Valued at $500, our bonus bundle includes two private coaching sessions to assist you in reaching your goals in the gluten-free food industry. Whether you want to sell in a farmer’s market, open a bakery, or sell wholesale, our experts have the experience to guide you through the process in a way that will save you money. We want you to succeed and teach you all the tips and tricks to help you flourish.
  2. Valued at $2000, you will get a free one-week internship upon completion of our course. You will work side by side with our experts as they bake and fulfill large quantities of wholesale orders using the recipes you’ve already learned. You’ll assist in placing
    ingredient orders, processing invoices, and strategizing on the daily baking schedule. We teach you the best practices on baking, freezing, and time management to grow efficiency (time is money!).