The Gluten Free Culinary School

GF Pastry School

  • 9 modules
  • 50+ professional best-seller recipes
  • Step-by-step videos
  • Pro tips + food cost
  • Gluten-free 101
  • Group calls

Includes bonus internship (valued at $2,000) and personalized coaching sessions (valued at $500)!

(Payment plan available)

GF Business School

  • 8 modules
  • 8 video lectures
  • Handouts
  • Pro tips + food cost
  • Gluten-free 101
  • Group calls

Includes personalized coaching sessions (valued at $500)!

(Payment plan available)

Return On Investment

Return On InvestmentMargins such as 80% are to be expected in the gluten-free industry. In our business classes, we talk about both opening a bakery/eatery, as well as how to simultaneously source local wholesale clients.

This can provide you with additional sources of income. Through our sister company The GF Baking Co(link), we made $360K in 2021 and spent $ 67 K on ingredients, putting our margins at 80%. This means that the price of the school is easily repaid within about 6 months of business.


*All Sales are Final*
(We stand by our recipes. If you are unsatisfied with the results of one of our recipes, our coaches are specialists and will walk you through a recipe until you succeed.)

When you join the Gf Culinary School, you receive:

Successful Recipes

Every recipe you receive has been tested in a small scale (one cake in a KitchenAid mixer) and a production scale ( 50+ dozen donuts in an industrial mixer). Our recipes are scalable, efficient, structured to save time, and will wow any client.

Delicious Recipes

For over eight years, our recipes have been tested and revised to be the most delicious cakes, muffins, and biscuits you’ve ever had. These recipes are currently in use to support wholesale clients including coffee shops, banquet hotels, restaurants, and bakeries. We teach you to address gluten-free, as well as dairy-free, nut-free, and egg-free when your customer’s needs demand it.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced chefs and nutritionists are your personal instructors. They have years of experience and backgrounds in the food industry. They share valuable knowledge and secrets to help you effortlessly learn to bake our gluten-free recipes. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced pastry chef, our videos cater to all skill levels.

On-Demand learning

Access our video library anytime, anywhere. Course materials are expansive, while videos and recipes are to the point. Time is money, especially in the kitchen. Print your recipe book and watch the corresponding instructional videos when you’re ready.

Practical Tips

Acquire tips and tricks that make gluten-free baking a breeze. Learn how to avoid cross-contamination, and store baked goods to optimize freshness, reduce losses, and mix your own flour mixes to achieve outstanding texture in your products.

Supportive Community

Our community Zoom calls allow you to connect with fellow gluten-free bakers, ask questions, and share experiences. You’ll be supported by those who share your interests and passion for making a change through delicious goods.

When you join the GF Business School, you learn:

Launching a Business

We teach you to navigate the supply chain, find GF ingredients at wholesale prices, and manage your inventory of both ingredients and baked goods.


You’ll learn about hiring your dream team, stacking a baking schedule to optimize efficiency(time=money!), and how to find local mentors in your industry.

Wholesale and Retail

We cover the dynamics of both wholesale clients and retail clients, online orders, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and managing resources.