The Gluten Free Culinary School

Our Journey: The Birth of The Gluten Free Culinary School

Every great venture has a beginning, often rooted in a powerful and personal story. Ours is just that. It all started with a moment that would forever change my life. “Roanna? Trey’s coughing, and his face is swelling!” These words pierced the air through a frantic phone call from my husband. I was at home, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Gluten-Free Baking: Online Courses for Career Growth

Our comprehensive online courses offer the solution you’ve been waiting for, enabling you to pursue a rewarding career in gluten-free baking. At The Gluten-Free Culinary School, we’re here to help you swiftly develop the skills and strategies necessary to create safe, healthy, delicious, and visually stunning baked goods. Our courses are designed to be as […]

Meet Our Founder & Chef Instructor: Roanna Canete

With her success in the gluten free baking industry, Roanna decided to pursue her passion for teaching and create the world’s first gluten free culinary school. Roanna is passionate about teaching students how to create delicious gluten free treats. Her teaching style is fun and relaxed, and she is always working to create unique recipes […]