The Gluten Free Culinary School

Meet Our Founder & Chef Instructor: Roanna Canete

With her success in the gluten free baking industry, Roanna decided to pursue her passion for teaching and create the world’s first gluten free culinary school.

Roanna is passionate about teaching students how to create delicious gluten free treats. Her teaching style is fun and relaxed, and she is always working to create unique recipes that combine delicious flavors and textures.

She is dedicated to helping her students create the best gluten free treats possible. Roanna’s classes cover a wide range of gluten free baking topics, from the basics of baking gluten free to more advanced techniques such as scaling batters for large scale production. When she isn’t teaching, Roanna is experimenting with new recipes in her test kitchen. She is always looking for ways to make gluten free treats even more delicious and nutritious.

Roanna’s passion for teaching and gluten free baking is inspiring. She is dedicated to helping her students turn their gluten free dreams into reality.

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