The Gluten Free Culinary School

Becoming a Professional Cake Decorator After Being Diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

“You have Celiac Disease,” the doctor said, as Lisa Alfest’s eyes filled with tears of disbelief. With these two words, her dreams of opening a bakery and custom cake studio shattered. But with sheer determination, after her diagnosis in December, she entered culinary school in January. Every night, she went home frustrated, researching how to convert her school recipes to gluten free. With grit and determination, Lisa pressed her way through, carving her own path. Today, Lisa runs her successful custom cookie & cake studio, A Real Sweet Thing. You may have seen her win it big as the Celiac Chef on Hulu’s Bakers Dozen, or when she and Roanna partnered on Sugar Rush’s Holiday Season Episode 2 (they were the first gluten free competitors on Netflix).

We created the Gluten Free Culinary School so that Lisa’s story is a thing of the past. We are the world’s first Professional Gluten Free Culinary School.  Our program is designed to help you understand the foundations of gluten free baking and pastry making, so you can confidently work with a variety of gluten free ingredients. 

You’ll learn how to make doughs, batters, and icings that are both delicious and safe for those with gluten  sensitivities, and go on to work in a gluten free bakery, restaurant or hotel as a gluten free pastry chef.

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