The Gluten Free Culinary School

Welcome to The Gluten Free Culinary School

We are the world’s first training center for individuals who wish to either open their own gluten free bakery or who wish to work as a professional gluten free pastry chef in a hotel, restaurant or cafe.

We give you the recipes you need to be successful, and we provide videos that are visual and concise: they are made to watch, as well as place on your work table as you make the recipe alongside us. At our gluten free culinary school, we have created a program that will give you the right skills to become a professional gluten free pastry chef.

We will teach you the fundamentals of baking, such as how to make breads, cakes, pastries, and more. We also provide in-depth classes on the different techniques used to make your gluten free baking a success. Our classes are designed to give you the skills you need to be a professional pastry chef, whether that means starting your own gluten free bakery or working in a hotel or restaurant.

Our experienced instructors guide you through each step of the process, from understanding the fundamentals of baking to creating beautiful, delightful gluten free pastries. We understand how difficult it can be to find recipes that are both gluten free and delicious. That’s why we have gathered some of the best recipes from around the US and compiled them into our classes.

You’ll be able to make wonderful gluten free treats in no time with the help of our recipes. Our classes are suitable for anyone, regardless of their experience level. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced baker, you’ll be able to benefit from our instruction. And, whether you’re looking to open your own bakery or work in a restaurant, we are here to help you every step of the way.

So come and join us at The Gluten Free Culinary School to learn the skills you need to become a professional pastry chef. We guarantee you’ll leave satisfied with the knowledge you’ve gained and the delicious treats you create.

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